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“Where Communications and Consumer Behaviour Meet!”

We live in a world where networks are ever expanding and services can be provided to and from virtually anywhere, a networked society!

Living in a networked society certainly brings a host of exciting prospects, but also raises challenges in how new technologies and services can best be applied to achieve society’s goals in adopting technology in an increasingly globalized, connected digital world.

The rapid growth of communication and social media has important implications for both users and businesses. For users – both individuals and businesses – there are an ever-expanding variety of services and applications to serve their information, communication and entertainment needs.

As a result, the ways consumer’s access and use such services is changing; moving from reliance on traditional telecom operators to Over-The-Top (OTT) providers.

OTT providers are something of a thorn in the side of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), since their arrival in the market heralded an end to the exclusivity MNOs held over the customer relationship.

With the high proliferation of OTT options out there – there are at least 20 apps that have a subscriber base of more than 25 Millions users each – its getting harder for subscribers to choose which app to adopt that will lock them into its community of users, as this connects them to their friends, families and interests.

This is where SIMon comes in; the unanimous service design – where users can communicate over voice or messaging with other users regardless of what app they are using – provides a suitable solution to the growing dilemma. An emphasis on user experience ensures SIMon aligns to achieving society’s goals in how we adopt and apply technology today.


This is where Business In Gear comes in

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plus5 Application Suite

Built on a comprehensive set of features, our plus5 Application suite of services provide up to five numbers on any Android or iOS device, enabling several different types of service scenarios. Supporting both TDM and VoIP call methods and encrypted instant messaging, the services have proven effective in reducing churn, developing new market segments and cultivating new subscriber usage without cannibalizing existing business.

Suitable for both Feature Phone and Smartphone application, the plus5 Application Suite is a sustainable platform for capturing revenue from both legacy and growing smartphone markets, and for launching new and innovative applications.



Consumers struggle every day to keep their private lives separate from their public and work life. Most carry more than one phone to manage family, business, social, dating, etc. The plus5 Consumer service is a network based solution that allows subscribers to have more than one mobile phone number on the same device with only one SIM card and without the need of a specialized dual-SIM device. Each number supports voice, data or multilayer encrypted instant messaging.

Service providers can choose to deploy plus5 Consumer for a number of end customer requirements including Social, Private or Temporary Number services for those who want a temporary identity when they don’t want to disclose their original mobile number, or want to control their privacy and accessibility.

Service Benefits:

  • Service Providers can add incremental voice and data revenue from multiple phone plans on the same mobile device through separate billing
  • Subscribers can create a separate persona (number) from their original phone number and protect the privacy of a number they have had for years
  • Service providers can generate premium revenue by offering temporary or private line services
  • Device-to-device encrypted instant messaging


plus5 Fixed Line Extension extends the reach of the residential phone to the mobile and makes the home phone mobile. Families can now choose to make and receive calls on the home number when away from the household. Fixed line service, while free in WiFi and data conditions, also provide cost saving benefits with IDD long distance call rates and calling toll free numbers.

Service Benefits:

  • Make the home phone relevant by extending home phone voice and voicemail features to the mobile device
  • Subscribers with broadband connections can reduce call costs when out of the household
  • Simul-ringing provides options on which number to ring first or simultaneous ringing of more than one line


plus5 SOHO provides users with a professional persona and quality voice communications while on the go, combined with access to all features of their desk phone including voicemail. plus5 SOHO allows a choice of either TDM or VoIP based phone connection that delivers cost savings with professional features essential to small businesses. Enhanced with split and itemized billing, the business owner is able to manage the costs and efficiency of each employee.

Service Benefits:

  • Service Providers capture and/or extend reach into SME/SMB market by extending desk phone voice and voice mail capabilities to the mobile phone
  • Community based instant messaging with encryption provide an efficient, secure communication tool
  • Auto provisioning reduces call center costs for Service Providers
  • Separates personal applications from corporate use

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD is a growing trend amongst large organizations where employees have the option to install a plus5 as the business number on their personal device, maintaining a separation between business and personal calls and bills while providing the convenience of carrying one device and having access to their personal persona.

A crucial element of BYOD is management and control of the line used for businesses purposes, we offer MDM security features that encompasses the plus5 and provides Corporate IT with control and management capabilities over business communications while protecting the privacy of the employee’s phone from corporate IT intrusion or control.

Service Benefits:

  • Organizations no longer need to issue stipends or itemize mobile bills – bills reflect only corporate consumption
  • Organizations no longer need to subsidize a second device to provide a business phone line
  • Dual lines for voice, SMS and data allows Service Providers to offer two plans to generate additional ARPU – one plan for employee and one for corporation


plus5 Roaming can also be used in single SIM multiple MSISDN solutions for both second local number and local number inbound and outbound roaming. Service providers can offer local numbers as a second persona or local number while the subscriber is roaming to enhance roaming usage and revenue.

Service Benefits:

  • Competitive long distance rates allow inbound and outbound call at Calling Card rates when traveling overseas
  • Subscribers can have a local persona when doing business in foreign countries
  • Service Providers can offer variable rates for different QoS between TDM and VoIP calls


Secure communications is a growing concern amongst private and governmental organizations, and providing protection to individuals when outside of the “office domain” has proven to be expensive and difficult to maintain. With the plus5 Secure service, Service Providers or Private Organizations are able to provide defense grade mobile security and mobility management to their employees in a simple secure solution, while leveraging on existing infrastructure.

Service Benefits:

  • Secure container and ‘dual persona’ technology that keeps ALL business data and apps encrypted, contained and under IT control independent of the device or who owns it
  • Ensure only authorized users gain access to sensitive business data and corporate network and maintain compliance by protecting business apps with strong encryption and authentication
  • Enable IT organizations to wipe all business data without impacting personal information
  • AES multilayer encryption up to 512 bit provide Department of Defense level security

Feature Phone

Even with the proliferation of smartphone devices, legacy feature phone subscribers still represent a large part of any network operators market. Often left behind as the world caters to the attraction of more advanced services and mobile apps which require smartphones, feature phone users now have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of having two or more persona’s or phone numbers.

Service Benefits:

  • Enables Service providers to capture additional revenue from non-smartphone subscribers
  • Builds customer loyalty, reduces churn and improves customer experience in legacy markets
  • Allows Service Providers to attract non-smartphone users from competitor’s networks




Integral Layers of  plus5 Mobile Client




Presentation Layer: User Experience & GUI Personalization





Application Layer: Integration of Telco functionality and Web 2.0 processes including community-based Messaging





Integration Layer: Enhanced Data Communication, Encryption & Storage